Company History

What is it that sustains a business for ten years or more?   It’s people.  Finding the right people, and providing the right opportunities make us all entrepreneurs in our own way, and that spirit fuels the company to succeed and to thrive.  Our history is one of steady deliberate growth, ensuring that the work we perform is accomplished with excellence, that each person we hire is a contributor to the corporate culture, and provides added value to our customers.  As is the case with most small companies, they are agile, accommodating, and innovative. Our “secret to success” is our people – who provide innovative solutions with excellence! 

The timeline below is a snapshot of our proud history.

  • December 29, 1998 - Dowless & Associates was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and certified as a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB).
  • By March 1999 we had several consulting engagements providing training and curriculum development to various government agencies for proprietary software which is supported by 2 trainers.
  • June 1999 - we were awarded our first government subcontract for support & integration on a new encryption product– PGP.  With the award of this first subcontract supporting our Intelligence Community customer our journey began.  We grew to 8 full time fully cleared employees by the end of our first year.
  • May 2001 - we won our first Government Prime Contract, providing integration and O&M support to the data encryption program we had been supporting.  We began recruiting new talent to support the expanding requirements of our customer.
  • By April of 2003, we had grown to eleven employees supporting the customer through our Prime contract, 4 long term subcontracts, and several short term consulting engagements.
  • By March 2004 we had fourteen employees, and began a new group who specialized in reselling security software products.  This Value Added Reseller (VAR) program helped us to become the “go to company” for PGP product and services.  Our employees receive various recognitions for excellent support and we continue to invest in training, and professional development through technical certifications.
  • By March 2005 we had twenty one employees, and won the re-competed work in an open competition for our existing contract, and now had fourteen subcontracts and a growing number of customers from our PGP VAR program.  We remain focused on security engineering, integration and training as we provide variety of talented professionals to the Intel Community.
  • September of 2006, we bid and won our second Prime Contract in open competition, providing O&M support for a declassification effort supporting an Intelligence Community customer.  We grew by eight employees that year and proudly boasted an employee retention rate of 97%.  Our pool of talented employees includes software developers, systems engineers, security professionals, trainers, and support personnel.
  • By April of 2007 our numbers had increased to thirty three with 2 Prime Contracts and 7 long term subcontracts.  Our PGP VAR program had its best year ever, and provided us an opportunity to not only provide product, but services as well.
  • Early 2008 – Dowless is founding partner for TOTES Solutions– a small business consortium with over 40 member companies
  • In March 2009, Dowless & Associates celebrates 10 years of supporting our Intelligence Community customers by providing innovative Information Technology solutions and services with a commitment to excellence.  We have 36 employees – 29 fully cleared supporting the Intelligence Community.  We receive awards for “Subcontractor of the Year” from a Prime contract, as well as individual awards from the customer for exceptional support.
  • By March 2010, our corporate infrastructure is growing, as we promoted within and recruited new executive talent to meet our strategic plan for growth.  Our contract backlog continues to grow, with new subcontracting opportunities and many new business opportunities.
  • In December 2010, Dowless & Associates takes on a fresh new look.  Our logo and website is updated and a new marketing strategy is rolled out, emphasizing a solution based model.  We are nearly 50 at year end, and continue to work toward achieving our strategic goals and investing in our corporate structure to prepare for moving to the next level.
  • August 2011 – Dowless subs to Eagle Ray – a woman- owned small business - and wins first small business set aside

  • July 2013 – The TOTES team, led by Dowless wins its first contract
  • 2014 -  Celebrating Fifteen Years in Business!